For Vet Clinics

Dr Bob is on long service leave until early 2018! Learn more


 Behaviour, Health and Welfare Seminars for Staff

Dr Bob can do lunch-time or evening seminars to help your staff understand animal behaviour and provide basic management tips.  He can explain how Physical Health is intricately linked to Mental Health.  Often in a busy practice basic Preventative Health Care slips by the wayside, but is critically important to maintain emphasis on preventable conditions.

Animal Welfare is an integral part of everything Vets and Vet Nurses do from prioritizing phone calls and reception triage to recognising symptoms of pain and distress in different species or breeds.

Dr Bob has extensive public speaking experience and gives an interesting and informative talk that usually generates lots of discussion!  One or two hour sessions are available. 



 Behaviour Health Welfare Seminars for Clients

Often clients have lots of behaviour, health and welfare questions that cannot be answered on the phone, over the counter or during general consultations.  Fear of Storms, Managing Aggression and Preventing Barking are the top three client inquiries.

A Seminar for clients is a great way to build a connection between clients and your practice.  It also ensures they are getting appropriate advice rather than relying on Dr Google!

Presentations with lots of photos stimulate behaviour health and welfare questions that sometimes are a bit curly, but as a Vet with 30 years general small animal practice experience and over 15 years behaviour and welfare experience, Dr Bob can usually provide a reasonable answer or at least approach a problem using Pet-Parenting First Principles!