• 5 Animal Behaviour Gurus

    Dr Karen Overall Veterinary Behaviour Specialist Karen has just published the second edition of ‘Manual of Clinical Behavioural Medicine for Dogs and Cats’.  It is an amazing book but not for the faint hearted!  You have to really concentrate because every sentence is full of deep behavioural intricacies.  Truly inspirational lady.  As the editor of Journal […]

  • What are Pet Parenting Principles?

    Looking after the average pet is very similar to parenting children.  Owners should set REASONABLE BOUNDARIES that help the animal to know what is acceptable in their home, e.g. no urinating on the new furniture; no biting the hand that feeds you.  Animals have an innate motivation to mark territory, so teach them to redirect […]

  • Walk your dog for five minutes every day

    Taking a dog for a short five to ten minute walk as far as one to two houses away and back offers so many wonderful aromas and amazing sights to see.  Dogs are task orientated.  If they have no appropriate mental stimulation, they will make their own! Dogs confined to small yards or small houses […]

  • Dog Aggression to Children

    Children’s Safety comes first.  All children under 10 years-old should be constantly supervised around animals of any sort i.e. like pool-supervision, no wandering off to make a cup of tea n returning five minutes later.  With ‘four on the floor’, dogs are very quick to cover short distances when they react to arousal triggers.  Often […]