home-healthDr Bob has been a veterinarian for thirty years and has primarily worked with dogs and cats in general practice in the Newcastle area.  Focusing on behaviour over the last fifteen years has been a privilege and a challenge.  Dr Bob has been to over 1900 clients’ homes to help people manage their pet’s behaviour issues.

He achieved Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in animal behaviour in 2000 and in animal welfare in 2012.

With a thorough  scientific foundation and a practical hands-on approach, Dr Bob has learnt to always ask more questions!!  He helps people understand why their animal is doing what it is doing – ‘Meet them where they are at’.  He then demonstrates various Pet Parenting Principles that help the owners to manage the problem behaviour by going ‘back to basics’ of animal handling and husbandry.

“I learn something new from the people and their animals every day” Dr Bob has worked part-time at the RSPCA NSW for the last 15 years as a Behaviour Vet and as a General Vet, has been an eye-opening experience.  He feels proud to work for and represent an Animal Welfare organisation that has been striving to do their best for animals for 140 years!  There are sad moments but the privilege of providing education about behaviour, health and welfare to a wide range of people and their animals makes it all worthwhile.