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Dr Bob is now retired!


What’s involved in an animal behaviour consultation?

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Step 1: Investigate

Step 1 - Investigate


Step 2: Assess

Step 2 - Assess

Home Visit

Step 3: Treatment

Step 3 - Strategies

Strategies / Options

Dr Bob is now retired! Learn more

The Dr Bob Difference

home-behaviour Your pet’s behaviour problem is often a result of many different factors that combine to push it over its coping threshold.  Behaviour issues often indicate that your pet is struggling to maintain good mental and physical health.

All training techniques are built on respect not violence.

home-health As a veterinarian, I am trained in observation and diagnosis of health issues.  Sometimes a pet’s physical condition causes it to react differently e.g. arthritic pain.

I can refer you to your regular veterinarian to do a thorough clinical exam and carry out appropriate treatment.

home-welfare A pet’s welfare may be compromised by many things.  Often client’s are unaware of how much their pet is affected by for example, a change in family circumstances.

It is my job to help you identify these issues that effect your pet’s Quality of Life and how to manage them so it’s Well-Being is improved.